Greenwich Meantime

Where’d summer go? From what seems like a week ago dining alfresco to now rotating the wardrobe for warmer wares. The time of year when the daily routine changes up, swapping those iced beverages for a more warming fix. Upping the grooming regime that you may have let slip over the summer now that our skin craves extra cleansing and double dose moisturiser.

” I pretty much live in a roll neck from November until the first daffodil appears “

To be fair though the warmer temperatures have been stretched out to capacity but we now must admit defeat that a cold spell is approaching.

I pretty much live in a roll neck from November until the first daffodil appears, they’re a versatile piece which from wearing to slouch around in at home to pairing with a suit for a smarter look to take to the dining table.

I know everyone else bangs on about the same thing this time of year but autumn/fall really are one of the best times of year. From colour change to stock piling the candle collection because lets face it the dark and dingy weather persuades us to go into lock down for the foreseeable future. Winter is all great at the start but come mid January the constant dark weather and lack of sunlight takes its toll on the mind, body and soul.

But for now I’m going to be grasping onto the umbrella and searching for every indoor activity possible (Brunch) as we do battle with the winter!


Photography By: Shariq Siddiqui


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  1. November 7, 2017 / 3:02 am

    The focus on your style and on amazing architecture is incredible. Your posts are always of high quality. Liking that turtleneck and props to your photographer!

    Paulo Paradox |

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