Goodbye London, Bienvenue à Paris

The build up before travel should be just as exciting as the end destination. Living in London we’re spoilt for choice when it comes for a place to catch up on Z’s before a vacation has even begun.

St Pancras Renaissance hotel is the starting point of any trip to France and beyond. Literally rolling out of bed and walking a few steps to the Eurostar terminal couldn’t be more easy. A long standing favourite of mine whether coming to dine and drink at Booking Office or taking a plunge in the hotels pool followed by one of many treatments the Spa has to offer.

From arrival outside, this architectural dream will always stand out amongst the bustle of the surrounding railway terminals. Always welcomed with such grace from the front desk team I was shown to my room.

Setting up base in one of the many luxury rooms / suites shouldn’t need thinking about twice. With the Veuve Clicquot delivered via speed dial I’m ready for a Parisian adventure.

I recommend taking a detour via one of the most photographed and talked about grand staircases in any London hotel. The fine details of this magnificent centre piece is something that I will never tire of.

With the large floor to ceiling windows allowing an abundance of natural light stream towards the warm tones of the rooms interior, those large draping curtains were not being closed anytime soon. I must say that I’ve not seen ceilings this high in any other London hotel. It instantly creates an uplifting, roomy and open feel.

One amenity I like to desire apart from a comfortable bed is the coffee machine, fired up at the touch of a button ready for the morning espresso or long black whilst gazing out over the awakening of another busy day in the city.

A short but sweet visit to St Pancras Renaissance, but as they say ‘Bon Voyage’ as I head off to Paris!


 St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Euston Rd, Kings Cross
0207 7841 3540



Photography By: Shariq Siddiqui


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