No Chill Zone

Sun, rain, wind repeat. You get the gist of the Spring weather pattern right? Well in England anyway (looks back to February in Morocco where I was poolside at 32 degrees)!

Just as we were fooled into a change of season with fragrant blossoms floating in the air, teased with mid twenties temps and have by now purchased our first gelato it’s all come to a halt.

At the time of writing we seem to have slipped back a couple of months, cold, rainy and grey with the odd cloud break reminding us Spring is still lingering somewhere up there. Maybe rewinding a couple of months wouldn’t be a bad thing as we step into MAY!! How time is flying.

Determined not look back at the Winter wardrobe and with the help of Lavenham Jackets, known for their equestrian blankets but also produce some of the finest made outerwear for both in and out of the stable yard from their base in Suffolk, England.

I’m managing not to grasp onto those heavier coats, Give me the ease of movement and a stylish gilet over a coat anyday! The Bramfield Flannel Charcoal gilet pairs perfectly well as a wind breaker and extra layer of warmth which is most needed for the chillier spring days.



Photography By: Husam Al Deen


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