Bank London

No Chill Zone

Sun, rain, wind repeat. You get the gist of the Spring weather pattern right? Well in England anyway (looks back to February in Morocco where I was poolside at 32 degrees)! Just as we were fooled into a change of…

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Grey Is A Matter Of Life

Mid way through March, where did the start of the year go we ask? Anyhow one can only hope this time of year brings greater improvements to that dull British weather England is known for? Lighter days, emerging signs of…

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The Never Ending Winter

At the time of writing the weather in London is still so bleak. Grey, cold, wet, all the things you don’t wish to have after what seems the longest winter ever. On the plus side the days are beginning to…

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Season Change

The time has come when we all begin to change over our wardrobe, yep like it or not the evenings are becoming dark more early and gone are those Summer¬†heatwaves. With the odd day here and there, we can still…

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Little Venice

Summer Blues

For me coffee is always the first port of call to start the day. Whether at home, out or during breakfast meetings, the aroma of fresh ground espresso shouts morning & new day. In London the coffee scene seems to…

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